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Building Tomorrow’s Reality

“We have come to the point in biological history where we are now responsible for our own evolution. We have become self-evolvers. Evolution means selecting and therefore choosing and deciding. And that means valuing.” Abraham Maslow

Following the argument of the previous post (Inspiring and Driving Change) and, thinking about the current reality and tomorrow, the next time you read about new ideas about leadership or attend a talk, or watch a motivational video on YouTube about what it takes to lead in life and today’s fast-paced, interconnected global environment, don’t be discouraged if those “above” and “around” do not realize the importance of employing the required and necessary measures on themselves. Instead, acknowledge your own power and obligation to inspire and empower those around you to bring the best of themselves to their own lives and thereby to the whole of society.

Just remember that some of the greatest movements and victories in history were started by a single person who fought for their beliefs (this is also true for some of the greatest atrocities against humanity).

It only takes one person to change, one voice, one spark, to ignite the potential for change. That person is you!

That voice that is heard will be yours, that light that shines will be yours since the action is yours, today and now.

In the future it will have been you who, with his example, inspired and promoted change and with it the transformation of our society. You will have been the catalyst, the initiator of the movement that changed consciousness or culture, starting with you, your community and therefore society, for the better.

What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.” Abraham Maslow

Building tomorrow’s reality starts today, so why do some of us hesitate to choose and decide?

We don´t, simply due to lack of awareness, attention, training, evaluation and adequate communication, with ourselves and with others. All being factors within our own responsibility and field of action.

Your results are a direct consequence of your actions and these, in turn, have their origin in your decisions, which are not only conditioned, but also determined by your perspective, which is nothing more than a reflection of what you are aware of.

If you want to delve into this topic and learn how to close the integrity or identity gap and change your reality from “what is to what could be “, I invite you to get directo al grano.

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Me considero simplemente una persona inquieta, curiosa, con algunas virtudes y muchos defectos.

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