What do my clients think?

Very personal experiences...

Here is a brief extract of some of the opinions of people whom I have had the privilege of meeting and who have allowed me to accompany them, albeit briefly and intensely, on their way.

I appreciate that despite respect for their privacy and confidentiality they have allowed them to be published on their behalf.

"If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together."

African proverb

Alejandra, 25 years.

I went to Bernard at a time in my life when I was going through a love breakup and I was in great anxiety and frustration.

It was a complete success, both because of how comfortable I felt during therapy and because of the advice I received so efficiently that I noticed positive changes of mind the same day. Bernard is a very professional person, attentive, and makes the consultation very pleasant.

Thanks to him, I have focused my life towards a more positive style and above all learned to overcome adversity more easily. What would stand out the most about his therapy is that he gives you the tools to overcome obstacles and face problems on your own. Super recommended.

Pedro, 50 years.

I had been trying for several years to solve some problems, emotional relationships, and limiting beliefs, thanks to Bernhard with his techniques and knowledge, I have managed to greatly improve my mood in one or two sessions, which seemed impossible to me. Limiting emotions and thoughts have disappeared such as continuous internal judgment, restlessness, much insecurity, uncertainty, lack of self-esteem, obsessive thoughts And most importantly for me, many of the fears that these emotions caused I no longer feel; FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MANY YEARS I FEEL FREE, IN AUTHENTIC INTERNAL PEACE and TRANQUILITY. And finally, I see THAT THINGS CAN BE SOLVED, I TRUST IN MYSELF AND MY POSSIBILITIES. And although I still have some things to change and solve; I know that Bernhard has the method and the capacity to achieve it. Something that many other techniques and several psychology professionals have not been able to achieve. With Bernhard, everything has been achieved in a SIMPLE, VERY QUICK, and EFFECTIVE way. Incredible but true.

He always finds a way to help you and accompany you with his knowledge, he leads you to reflect and look at everything from a different point of view and although sometimes he has even made me cry, you always leave the sessions with the certainty of having changed and improved something of what you wanted or needed to change, I can never thank him as much as he has improved my life, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Paul, 52 years.

I have never liked philosophy, or psychology, much less spiritual matters, although I have to admit that it is amazing what you discover about yourself and others. It is the first time that I attend sessions like this and I do not regret it at all, quite the opposite. I went to see Bernhard on the recommendation of a friend and I took good and not so good things with me, but the balance is very positive. I have realized many points to improve as a person, both with myself, with my family, my relationships and in my work.

I would like to be able to better describe what I have experienced and learned. Nothing new and yet all unknown. Now it is time to put into practice what has been reflected and learned. It will be difficult, but it is worth it despite having been somewhat misplaced and confused at the beginning. He preferred things imposed and not having so much choice and responsibility. Now I know that just that freedom comes with responsibility and vice versa. Each person is different and it is difficult to be honest with oneself and with others. It seems incredible that the encounters with Bernhard have such an impact. At last I am aware that I am the one who decides and who chooses.

Kai, 28 years.

Funny what Karma does. You think that you are not going to learn much and end up with a lesson for your whole life. In my case, I was almost forced by my family after having turned to other clinical professionals without achieving much. At first I was quite shocked by Bernhard’s approach, so philosophical and without the typical “syndrome labels”, but after a few minutes he hit the spot and thanks to him I began to see my own life from another perspective. I would never imagine that someone was able to open not only my eyes, but also my mind, heart and even my soul. I don’t know if I could have gotten off drugs and “bad life” without Bernhard’s support, but surely I wouldn’t have done it so soon.

My life, and with it that of my family, has completely changed and I am delighted and very grateful for it. Thank you very much Bernhard for your dedication, compassion, understanding and support.  

Rachel, 39 years.

I had been asking myself the same question for years, What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I ever choose my partners? What bad luck I have in the field of love. I always end up in relationships that get frustrated or make me unhappy. I came to Bernhard through a friend who had been a client of his and who convinced me that with his way of working things would improve, as had happened to him. Although a bit reluctant I decided to try and the truth is, I have to admit that from the first session my life underwent a change.

Bernhard made me realize that things only change if you make them change. He endowed me with tools that allowed me to understand and begin to change attitudes and feelings that end up leading me to situations that were repeated over and over again in my life.

Now I feel more secure and I know that I am the only one who can make things change. For the first time I feel the owner of my destiny and much happier.

Thank you for making life smile at me again. 

María and Carlos...

We went to Bernhard desperate and with little expectation of being able to solve the untenable situation that we had with our eldest sonat home.

His adolescence was being very, very difficult and he was pushing us all to the limit. He did not meet schedules, there were nights that he did not even sleep at home and did not even warn us. We didn’t like his relationships which we didn’t even know, and his grades, which were never great, had plummeted. Any question he saw as an intrusion and a lack of confidence in him. We were not able to start a conversation that did not end in an argument and even a fight. He began to threaten to leave home and the worst thing is that we began to think that it would be desirable … his little sister also began to suffer with this situation to such an extent that she manifested her fear and hatred towards her brother.

It was then that the school psychologist advised us to go to a coach to help us in our relationship with our son. After a couple of sessions with Bernhard and following the guidelines he gave us, we managed to get our son to start being mentored by Bernhard. It was a turning point and it would be unfair if I did not admit that there was a before and after after just a few sessions. We have learned to communicate much better and reestablish that bond that we feared we had lost. We continue to work as a family and our son continues to improve with each session. Thank you Bernhard!