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Hello, I´m Bernhard Schieber

I am dedicated to working with, and for people.

I was born in 1963 in Los Angeles, California and spent my childhood moving between the USA, Mexico and Germany until I finally finished my Baccalaureate in Stuttgart, Germany.

My need to serve society, fulfillment and personal improvement, led me to enlist for 6 years in the United States Marine Corps, getting to be part of one of its elite special forces, the amphibious reconnaissance unit.

After finishing my service, I attended university studies in Augsburg, Germany, specializing in sociology, psychology and communication sciences. At the end of my studies, I moved to Madrid, Spain, where my professional stage began at the international level as an advisor, consultant and manager of communication, leadership and conflict resolution, creating and leading multidisciplinary teams in international and multicultural environments.

My professional experience in creating communication and training environments for the analysis and solution of communication and structural problems within companies and workgroups during the last 25 years, has allowed me to assist hundreds of people through coaching and mentoring activities, as well as “in-door and out-door” training in their change processes.

I have learned that only oneself, since we are unique and there are no books with universal recipes, is the only one capable of overcoming the barriers through ourown fundamental resources (thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds), redirecting, resignifying, and transforming the obstacles in opportunities for growth and personal improvement.

I have also learned throughout my life the importance of being able to count on the support, advice, accompaniment, and help of other people. It is thanks to all those people and the experiences that have helped and taught me to grow and continue to grow and to help other people in their personal growth and conflict resolution.

During the last years, after temporarily retiring from the corporate and managerial environment, seduced by the possibility of teaching and helping others, I have dedicated myself completely to the study of the human being, to be able to put at your disposal all my knowledge and experience accompanying you in the achievement of your objectives, through the resolution of your conflicts, the resignification of your problems and the implementation of changes and improvements, helping you to reflect, identify and transform your circumstances, and yes, through this, be happier And, yes, why not, live your best life.

Are you ready for Change?

All it takes is a first step...

Let us begin!

Then everything becomes easier...

That is why I have created EXISTENTiam

An existential space.

A place for dialogue and encounter, to transcend; with a new eclectic approach oriented to the approach and resolution of concerns, doubts, problems and personal conflicts, be they of a rational, emotional, behavioral or spiritual nature.