Shadow Society – Part one

Shadow Society – Part one

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge.” Stephen Hawking.

Barely a month has passed since I have reconnected and I wanted to capture my impressions, and, no, I am not referring to the book “The Society of Shadows” by Otto Alexander Brug from 2018, nor to the article ” Society of Shadows” by Enrique del Río González, published on October 13, 2020 in “El Universal”.

With “Shadow Society” I want to describe my return to that parallel world, to the world of connectivity and connection, or rather absolute disconnection, which sometimes represents for me that “alter mundus”, the digital world, or civilization.

After being offline for more than three years and the tremendous seclusion that we have experienced since the beginning of last year, I have “reincorporated”, “reconnected” and “reimmersed” in the digital world. Immediately another of the “classics” of philosophy has returned to my memory, Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, and especially, his return to it…

My very own “return to the cave” represents a voluntary action based on a conscious decision and choice, a turning back to change, breaking paradigms on a personal and individual level.

We live in a society of shadows, lies, and deceptions, in which, as in allegory, those who try to remedy the situation are treated with disbelief, contempt, hostility, and ignorance. However, and unlike what Plato described, “if someone tried to untie them and make them go up…” (Plato, Republic, Book VII), I consider that this liberation has to happen voluntarily and internally, as the result of a personal choice. Just as the freed prisoner came to the discovery by his own means, it is the people, each one of us, who have to want and achieve our own liberation and transcendence.

The return consists for each one of us in awakening, finding and spreading new ideas, questioning certain dogmas. They should not be imposed, even having the moral obligation to share them…, it is an allegory about the reality of our knowledge, our emotions, our values and yes, of our own conscience. Only then will we be able to affirm that, realizing it, we will change as people and jump over our shadows.

To be continued…

Realizing and jumping over your own shadow” can sometimes be a frustrating, painful, and often unrealized endeavor. On many occasions we tend to fail in this due to a lack of awareness, attention, training, evaluation, and improper communication. All being factors within our own responsibility and field of action.

Your results are a direct consequence of your actions and these, in turn, have their origin in your decisions, which are not only conditioned, but also determined by your perspective, which is nothing more than a reflection of what you are aware of.

If you want to delve into this topic and learn to “realize and jump over your shadow“, I invite you to click and get straight to the point.

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Me considero simplemente una persona inquieta, curiosa, con algunas virtudes y muchos defectos.

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