The EXISTEntiam Method

In this method, based on the existential model, the processes and specific programs of counseling, coaching, and mentoring are complemented by enhancing your resources and facilitating solutions to increase and improve your awareness, capacity for effective action, personal and professional growth, overcoming adversity, conflict resolution and endless reasons to be better, as a person and professional, to live better, be happier, have a full existence, full of purpose and meaning in life.

The method is not only characterized but stands out for its adequate, innovative, and revolutionary interdisciplinary fusion of other approaches and disciplines so that you achieve the maximum benefits of well-feeling and well-being, your own existence being the essential attitudinal framework for an effective development of these existential counseling, coaching, and mentoring interventions.


It integrates knowledge from the field of philosophy, psychology, education, sociology, and anthropology, with the purpose of assisting you in your process of growth, development, and unfolding of your potentialities, facilitating to clarify your vital situation, the goals, and values that guide your present actions with a clear mission of improvement, with a vision for the future, taking into account all your personal history. At EXISTENTtiam you will find a reliable and safe space.

Counseling benefits:

  • Overcoming difficult emotions and situations.
  • Prevention of personal and relational problems.
  • Promotion of personal and social growth from an integrative and holistic perspective.
  • Resolution of problems of cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual origin that may be preventing the deployment of your integral well-being and full potential.


"I know very well what I am running from, but not what I am looking for."

Michel de Montaigne


"There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self."

Aldous Huxley

Through questions, reflections, exercises, and other tools, you will encourage change, action, and learning to obtain new and effective answers to achieve your goals.
At EXISTENTiam, coaching is essentially existential and seeks personal excellence.

Coaching benefits:

  • More awareness of your current personal situation and options for improvement.
  • Increased focus and clarity.
  • It provides you with new approaches and perspectives.
  • Teaches you how to prioritize your goals.
  • Helps you overcome blockages.
  • Allows you to discover and disrupt limiting beliefs.



I will serve as a guide, total and sincere, to find yourself. The process will only be a catalyst for learning, based on both attitudinal qualities and expert knowledge.

At EXISTENTiam, mentoring is aimed at facilitating the learning of a specific issue through support and experience in what you are trying to understand and learn, fulfilling a key function in the transfer of experiential knowledge.

Benefits of Mentoring:

  • It represents one of the most valuable and effective development opportunities.
  • Broaden your perspective.
  • Model your behavior and orientation towards a growth mindset.
  • Increase your capabilities by developing new skills and the acquisition of knowledge.
  • Improve your ability to manage motivation, commitment, confidence, and resistance to difficult situations.


"Only those who know internal peace can give it to others."

Lao Tzu